Changelog VoiceOne

Changelog di VoiceOne PBX, qui vengono riportati i bugfix, e le features che avvengono nei veri rilasci di VoiceOne.


Release: 1455

  • BASE [1455]
    • Added: Ldap credentials view for extensions of a virtual extension
    • Added: removinf wsdl file afer license check
    • Fixed: removing custom sounds during setup 
    • Fixed: removing fax archive during setup 
    • Fixed: reset fax database password during setup
  • FAX[1234]
    • Fixed: reset fax database password during setup


Release: 1454

  • BASE [1454]
    • Added: Support for Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging


Release: 1453

  • BASE [1453]
    • Added: device Grandstream HT503 and config generation 


Release: 1452

  • BASE [1452]
    • Added: support for LDAP database cancellation and synchronization functions
    • Fixed: contact search in incoming call in case of more contacts with the same number
    • Fixed: caller name resolution using 'pagine bianche'
    • Fixed: css cursor pointer on update license button for Internet Explorer that was showing the edit cursor
  • LDAP[1214]
    • Added: database cancellation and synchronization functions
  • API[1306]
    • Added: import contacts filter for flags phonenumber_on_cid, mobile_on_cid and fax_on_cid that preserve only the first flag in case of more than one contact with the same number
    • Fixed: contact search in incoming call in case of more contacts with the same number


Release: 1451

  • BASE [1451]
    • Fixed: removed flag 'fax device' in intercom extension form
    • Fixed: some minor bugfix


Release: 1450

  • BASE [1450]
    • Added: device Grandstream HT503 and config generation
    • Added: responsive layout in extensions, devices and providers pages
    • Fixed: some minor bugfix


Release: 1447

  • BASE [1447]
    • Changed: Label 'Client' to 'Exten' in provisioni section


 Release: 1446

  • BASE [1446]
    • Added: update license button in overview page
    • Added: reset to default button for the configuration parameters of provisioning template
    • Added: display ip was banned on the state of extensions
    • Fixed: configuration reload after delete of a queue
    • Fixed: MAC address check in client provisioning configuration


Release: 1445

  • BASE [1445]
    • Added: provisioning template duplication feature
    • Fixed: database generation in setup procedure


Release: 1444

  • BASE [1444]
    • Added: Security service now accept 'all' in port list to block all ports
    • Fixed: Security service Asterisk now block both UDP and TCP protocol


Release: 1443

  • BASE [1443]
    • Added: Fax baud rate configuration (voiceone-fax >= 1.8.1233)
    • Added: Fax parameter configuration based on provider (VoipVoice)


Release: 1442

  • BASE [1442]
    • Changed: Set family firmware version to 8, in the view of a snom template


 Release: 1441

  • BASE [1441]
    • Added: Setting the call time for the transfer of non-response (CWNR)
    • Fixed: Call forwarding CFU, CFB and CFR in macro incoming-call-to-extension and incoming-call-to-extension-sequence in case of virtual extension call
    • Changed: Provisioning Bria: default to 1 for parameter ldap:search_on_demand

 Release: 1440

  • BASE [1440]
    • Added: Provisioning for CounterPath Bria 3 and 4

 Release: 1433

  • BASE [1433]
    • Fixed: CallerID con outgoing call originated from Voiceone Client (through API vo_originate)
    • Fixed: Snom action on provioning clients page


  • API [1303]
    • Added: vo_setDND and vo_setCF for handle the DND and call forwarding


 Release: 1432

  • BASE [1432]
    • Added: The extensions tooltip showa the brand of SIP agent


  • API [1302]
    • Changed: vo_getUsers now returns all the users



 Release: 1431

  • BASE [1431]
    • Added: Personal area and extension settings page improvements
    • Added: Option for enable or disable extension visibility to voiceone client


  • API [1301]
    • Added: vo_getExtensions returns 'ext_enabled' (extension enabled), 'voc_enabled' (extension enabled in voiceone client),  'dnd', 'cfu','cfb' and 'cfnr'.


 Release: 1430

  • BASE [1430]
    • Added: Extension and line state automatic refresh
    • Added: Extension state in provisionig page
    • Added: provisioning Snom D345
    • Changed: Extension and line state icons like voiceone client
    • Changed: Set displayconnects=no in manager.conf
    • Fixed: provisioning expansion keys in Snom D3XX and D7XX 
    • Fixed: syntax error in voicemail.conf: parameter 'maxmsg'
    • Fixed: Voicemail time locale


 Release: 1421

  • BASE [1421]
    • Fixed: Set 'port' and 'insecure' options on extensions assigned to device.
    • Fixed: Link to custom device editor that was wrongly linked to patton device editor.
    • Fixed: Translations.


 Release: 1420

  • BASE [1420]
    • Added: Patton management and custom devices as extension.
    • Added: intercoms management with dedicated rolesets.
    • Addedlink to macro editor in inbound and intercoms roles.
    • Fixed: Macro Incoming call to group's description
    • Fixed: Configuration reload in config file editor


 Release: 1416

  • BASE [1416]
    • Added: grouping keyboards keys in the provisioning interface.
    • Added: added third keyboard in provisioning of Snom 320, 360 and 370.
    • ChangedThe permissions in the snom provisioning parameters are displayed as: 'R', 'W' and 'RW'.
    • Fixed: ordering of keyboards keys in the provisioning interface.
    • Fixeddelete confirmation for outgoing rule set.
    • Fixed: database upgrade during a restore of backup of an earlier version.


 Release: 1415

  • BASE [1415]
    • Added: SMS module.


 Release: 1412

  • BASE [1412]
    • Fixed: Error when saving non admin account setting in personal area.
    • Fixed: database connection check in Night & Day cron script.


 Release: 1411

  • BASE [1411]
    • Fixed: Error in extensions configuration page in case of Gtalk accounts.


 Release: 1410

  • BASE [1410]
    • Added: Favorite contacts
    • Added: Provisioning Snom 305 e 315
    • Changed: Provisioning M300/M700 changed parameter 'ldap_virtuel_lists' to 'ldap_virtual_lists', see Snom DECT-240
  • API [1300]
    • Added: Favorite contacts api
    • Changed: vo_getExtensions and vo_getContacts set actual 'name' and 'surname' , instead of  'cid_name' in the 'name'
    • Fixes: vo_getContacts return codes


 Release: 1408

  • BASE [1408]
    • Fixed: Provisioning M300/M700 in case of dhcp off, does not correctly sets the network parameters.


 Release: 1407

  • BASE [1407]
    • Added: Hunt group for Patton SN4554.
    • Added: Voiceone Client installer is now available from the login page and the personal area
    • Added: LDAP credentials are now included in personal area.
    • Fixed: Provider account configuration interface when removing theflag 'Pass Through'. The callerid field num is now editable.
    • Fixed: The activation of a plugin containing a new application with id equal to a client id, cause an extension  error of the queue agent with the same id.


 Release: 1406

  • BASE [1406]
    • Changedmanagement repository url in the package system.


 Release: 1405

  • BASE [1405]
    • Fixedtooltip for fax and gtalk status.
    • Fixed: provisioning snom M9R e M300 in case of DHCP is OFF in template but DHCP is ON in Voiceone system, in some case may cause incorrect ip assignment.


 Release: 1404

  • BASE [1404]
    • Fixed: dial the second groip in  'Incoming call to Group Incoming Sequence' (plugin: System Functions 1.8.1404).


 Release: 1403

  • BASE [1403]
    • Fixed: Proper management of  CHANUNAVAIL state in macro 'Incoming call to Extension Sequence' and 'Incoming call to Group Incoming Sequence' (plugin: System Functions 1.8.1403).


 Release: 1402

  • BASE [1402]
    • Fixed: trunk selection in agi function when 'any lines' is set and the first trunk is not available.
    • Fixed: jquery custom css.


Release: 1401

  • BASE [1401]
    • Fixed: enable Asterisk log messages for fail2ban services


 Release: 1400

  • BASE [1400]
    • AddedSecurity service fail2ban
    • Fixedunconditional call forwarding in macro incoming-call-to-group(plugin: System Functions 1.8.1400).


 Release: 1337

  • BASE [1337]
    • Fixed: deletion of fax extension (from version  1335  could not be deleted).
    • Changed: allowguests = no by default in SIP technology.
    • Changed: alwaysauthreject = yes by default in SIP technology.
    • Changedrequirecalltoken = no by default in the creation of a newoffice line.


 Release: 1336

  • BASE [1336]
    • Fixed: in some cases, if fax extension is present, the last extension is displayed twice in the configuration page.
    • Fixed: wiped special chars in the name of lines in the patton wizard.
    • Changed: removed the status icon for the virtual extension. The state is given by the state of the connected extensions.


 Release: 1335

  • BASE [1335]
    • Added: The lines settings page displays the status of the lines
    • Added: Editor of the asterisk http.conf configuration file
    • Changed: set requirecalltoken default to 'no' in the creation of a new office line
    • Fixed: configuration template of Patton SN4554 / 2BIS


Release: 1334

  • BASE [1334]
    • Changed: The time zones page and the incoming rules use the jquery plugin
    • Fixed: jquery i18n - it


Release: 1333

  • BASE [1333]
    • Added: The extensions page displays the status of precense, host amd sip-agent
    • Added: provisioning Snom D375 e 820
    • Fixed: check for empty channel name in group calls
  • FAX [1232]
    • Fixed: fixed some italian i18n translations


Release: 1332

  • BASE [1332]
    • Fixed: The configuration of a providers with type ' dynamic host ' was found to be with host empty as a result of the update and after saving the provider settings again


Release: 1331

  • BASE [1331]
    • Added: Icon 'in use' for the standard system macro: stdexten, dialout, dialout-fail-over
    • Added: Wizad gateway Abilis
    • Updated: language files provisioned Snom version 8.7.5
    • Changed: review of profiders section
    • Changed: The overview page shows the status of installed modules and the number of extensions in use
    • Changed: Options 'callgroup' and 'pickupgroup' default to 1 in the creation of a new SIP extension
    • Changed: Set default language to the user's language in use
    • Fixed: Provisioning firmware Snom M300
    • Fixed: Provisioning firmware Snom MeetingPoint
    • Fixed: Removed callerid from clients when you delete the virtual extension to which they were associated, and reload Asterisk
    • Fixed: Class music on hold queues: renamed parameter 'mohsuggest' in 'mohsuggest', type 'MOH', for queues
    • Fixed: queue: in the case of members of type 'Local' is set within its context, before it was set to DefaultOutgoingRule
  • FAX [1231]
    • Fixed:   character encoding


Release: 1330

  • BASE[1330]
    • Fixed:   google tts api


Release: 1329

  • BASE[1329]
    • Fixed:  managing change in the configuration of Patton, with exchange of the names of the lines


Release: 1328

  • BASE[1328]
    •  Fixed:   Display name technology 'IAX2' in 'office'


Release: 1327

  • BASE[1327]
    •  Fixed:   agi script generation during installation


Release: 1326

  • BASE[1326]
    •  Fixed:  display "line removed" instead of "any trunk" in the case that there are no lines configured
    •  Updated: translations


Release: 1325

  • BASE[1325]
    • Fixed:  display "line removed" instead of "any trunk" in the outgoing rules


Release: 1324

  • BASE[1324]
    • Fixed:  templates generation of Patton configuration 

Release: 1323

  • BASE [1323]
    • Fixed: extensions for IVR does not accept start with *
    • Added: function to play music files on hold
    • Added: type parameter "MOHCLASS" for macros
    • Added: provisioning Snom M300 / M700
    • Added: Creation wizard providers known
    • Added: added message user not authorized use of the fax
    • Added: added parameter prefix in macro reroute
    • Chanded: The registration string is added to the parameter "FromDomain" if enhanced
    • Chanded: the number callerid following numbers added
    • Fixed: The password registration providers can not be entered as special characters /
    • Fixed: The password of the account Patton are not regenerated if already present
    • Fixed: When you insert a new provider to enter check the username is unique to that provider
    • Fixed: If you configure a station with the same name of a line of a provider, it faults
    • Fixed: handle white lines in the rules when you clear a line
    • Fixed: control to prevent a number entered in the field 'Speed Dial' of a line coincides with the extension number added to an Internal / Application.
    • Fixed: proper management parameter macro music on hold on incoming call to queue
    • Fixed: proper initialization users fax setup
    • Added: Receiving FAX via module Asterisk
    • Added: type parameter "FAX" for macros
  • FAX [1230]
    • Fixed: syntax error in config.ttyIAX file
  •  API[1253]
    •  Changed: webservice to getContacts performs research in the field 'fax'

Release: 1319

  • BASE [1319]
    • Fixed: fixed macro Queue Remove Member
    • Fixed: the lock macro also takes account of the IVR
    • Changed: new version of Night&Day macros and apps


Release: 1317

  • BASE [1317]
    • Fixed: bugfix in provisioning


Release: 1316

  • BASE [1316]
    • Added: template Patton: SN4112/JO,SN4112/JS,SN4114/JO,SN4114/JS,SN4114/2JS2JO,SN4116/4JS2JO,SN4118/JS,SN4118/4JS4JO,SN4524/JS


Release: 1315

  • BASE [1315]
    • Added: template Patton: http user/password authentication.
    • Fixed: template Patton 4634: disabled DHCP server and set isdn uni-side to 'user'.
    • Fixed: template Patton 4638: disabled DHCP server.


Release: 1312

  • BASE [1312]
    •  Added: provisioning of Snom models: 715, 725, 765


Release: 1310

  • BASE [1310]
    •  Added: column ' linkedid ' in CDR that always returns the caller uniqueid
    •  Changedthe backup file name now accept the characters '-' and '_'
    •  Changedset videosupport = no in SIP technology
    •  Fixedcorrect filter for outgoing calls in the call statistics
    •  Fixedcorrect 'dst' in cdr if IVR
    •  Fixedcorrect default speedial for dnd on and off
    •  Fixed: correct selection and delete multiple voicemail messages
  •  API  [1252]
    • Added: new web service vo_saveContactsGroup e vo_restoreContactsGroup to restore contact groups when importing
    • Changed: webservice getCdr return the column linkedid
    • Fixed: update wsdl description for 'ldap' flag on contacts


Release: 1309

  •  BASE [1309]
    • Fixed: api for call history to solve the problem of type calls '0 -Unknown' in the presence of field cdr.userfield
  • API [1251]
    • Added: new webService vo_getCdr
    • Added: web service vo_importContacts: parameters 17 (read) and 18 (ldap) for read and ldap permission
    • Fixed: vo_getCallHistory: removing of special character in the 'dst' field
  • LDAP [1213]
    • Changed: Imports contacts only if flag 'ldap' is 1
    • Chaged: web service vo_initLdap: performance improvements
    • Fixed: web service vo_initLdap: augmented timeout for handle a large number of contacts 

Release: 1308